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Geospatial Solutions can provide the following services for the software listed:        

                    Geographix, Kingdom, Petra, Spotfire and Power BI 


·       Database Administration

·       Creating and maintaining Projects

·       Managing and Loading of Well data

        Vendor well and production, internal well file formats

           Surface and Zone Data

           Raster logs: Depth Register and Las formats

           Defining of Strat Columns

·       Create Cross - Sections

·       Load and maintain your 2d and 3d Seismic volumes.

·       Gridding and Contours of Surfaces

·       Maintain and manage your Land data.


·       Microsoft Power BI  - Tibco Spotfire 

        Connect and create Analytics using any of your existing databases                            and create dashboards for analysts to use.

·       Work with the Land and Engineering departments to make sure that all                      departments are using the same data and not working in a silo.

·       ArcGIS:

        Create databases either File or Enterprise using SQL Server Oracle.

        Data Integrations using Python and ArcGIS Model Builder

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